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Elissa Perry

Elissa Perry
Elissa Sloan Perry has over 20 years of experience of working with individuals, organizations and initiatives who care about the sharing of resources and power such that all people experience dignity and have ample opportunity to realize their potential. Past clients include Greenlining Institute, Partnership for Working Families, National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture, the Hewlett Foundation, and PICO California. Elissa joined MAG in 2013 became a Senior Consultant with MAG in 2014 and CoDirector in 2015. Elissa co-creates opportunities for learning among MAG staff and with values-aligned partners. In addition Elissa supports MAG clients with leadership development and coaching services for individuals and teams bringing attention to 5 essential elements for transformative change. (1) Deep equity, (2) Flexible Leadership, (3) Multiple Ways of Knowing, (4) Systems & Complexity Thinking and (5) Inner Work. In addition to her work with MAG, Elissa teaches in the MA in Leadership Program at Saint Mary’s College where she facilitates diverse, cross-sector and multi-issue learning communities in developing and implementing leadership plans and practices and recently helped establish a Social Justice concentration.

Living Shared Leadership: Reflections for the Future (Part Two)

 This is Part Two of a blog story on shared leadership in action.  A little over one year ago, Elissa Sloan Perry (a faculty member in the MA in Leadership Program) and Susan Misra started a new chapter in their journey together.  After careful consideration of how to approach a …

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