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A New Year Begins . . . .

Now that the calendar has turned to 2018 we are taking a minute to look back on some of our  blogs that have received the most attention.  Writing the SMC Leadership Blog has been a labor of love for all of us.  It is an opportunity to share our reflections …

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Leadership and the Brain: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century

A recent New York Times article on preparing for the unexpected in the changing and evolving workforce caught my eye. It said: “Our capacity to predict the future is limited, while our capacity to believe in such predictions is unlimited.” It is widely accepted that 21st century trends in leadership …

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Vulnerability… And Leadership?

As we read the news and think about the many tough challenges confronting us in the 21st century, vulnerability could well seem to be at the bottom of the list of desired leadership traits. What exactly do we mean by vulnerability? It is commonly defined as “the quality or state …

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Commencement Day 2017

Each year as I arrive on campus for commencement I feel a sense of excitement.  This year I was especially eager, as the graduate commencement speaker was our very own Deborah Richardson, a alumna from the MA in Leadership program! Arriving at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, I joined the …

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Whatever the Leadership Challenge… Women Have the Answers

Women Marching at the Women's March in Washington DC

As we reflect on the contributions of women in our nation and the world during pivotal movements of tumult and change, we must acknowledge that in 2017 the world is at a critical juncture.  There are decisions before our political, economic, educational, health, and environmental systems that will have significant …

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Horses, Leadership, and Inclusive Excellence

Several Fillies in black and white image

While we struggle and juggle to keep our organizations, communities and families afloat, these turbulent times call upon us to adapt, innovate and experiment with new approaches to our most enduring challenges.  This kind of creative response can be especially tough to explore when resources are constrained and organizations are …

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Towards a New Way of Civic Engagement in Small Town America

Community meeting at Saint Mary's College.

In the wake of political unrest and polarization which followed President Trump’s victory last November, the Leadership Center decided to host a series of Community Conversations for the local communities near campus.  In partnership with local resident Edy Schwartz and the Town Council of Moraga, the initiative was launched in …

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Journey of Values: Identifying Self through MA in Leadership

“I’m just a mom.  A divorced, single, working mom.”  How we identify with ourselves and the world says a lot about our values, and the forces that shape us and how we live our lives everyday.  According to the Hall-Tonna Inventory of Values, “values are the ideals that give significance …

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A Leadership Learning Journey to Bali

A Group of people walking up a trail in Bali

In January 2016 a small group of us from Saint Mary’s College ventured to Bali, Indonesia with the expressed intention to  immerse ourselves in Balinese life to see what we can learn about leadership. One year later the lessons learned from this journey went beyond our practice of leadership to …

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