Saturday , February 24 2018
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What’s love got to do with… leadership?

Years ago, I applied for a job with a business trade association called Business for Social Responsibility.  The organization was just getting started in San Francisco.  If hired, I would have been the third employee.  When I interviewed with the CEO, I had one of those moments that I’ll always …

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Sighting Mauna Kea.

Four Lessons On Learning Leadership

In 2001, the MA in Leadership program was just getting started when 9/11 happened.This event all but guaranteed that this new century would bring forth unprecedented challenge and change. While this profound disruption to our world order was generated from the outside, 15 years later there would be another major …

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Action and Reflection: A Spiritual Practice

“Soul resides in the tension between apparent opposites, born from our own experience and reflection on experience.” – Alan Briskin, The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace In Saint Mary’s College of California’s Master in Leadership program, all learners undergo the process of developing their own definition of leadership.  Hearing …

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Living Shared Leadership: Reflections for the Future (Part Two)

 This is Part Two of a blog story on shared leadership in action.  A little over one year ago, Elissa Sloan Perry (a faculty member in the MA in Leadership Program) and Susan Misra started a new chapter in their journey together.  After careful consideration of how to approach a …

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Ensemble Leadership – Part II

In the previous post, we explore the colorful metaphors of Jazz and Gumbo to capture the spirit and power of the ensemble to bring out more creativity and adaptability in organizations.  In this post we take a look at the necessary shifts in leadership and its development that reflect and …

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Ensemble Leadership – Part I

The Power of the Ensemble Imagine for a moment a jazz quartet performing soul stirring music, evoking an experience of surprise, wonder, and inspiration and riding the feeling accompanying the unfolding melody and rhythm.  When immersed in the music, we are not likely to focus on the individual musicians, their …

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Warrior… for Love

This is a guest post by M.A. in Leadership alumnus Ryan Berg (Cohort 34) “No matter where you go in the world people are people and they all want many of the same things”… are words I spoke while standing in front of a large gathering in my hometown of …

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MBA versus MA in Leadership

Thirty years ago this month, I started graduate school.  At the time I was unsure about my future and was looking to make myself more employable.  I hoped I would find my calling in the process.  I enrolled in a program that Yale invented–a Master’s in Public and Private Management …

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Global Leadership: What Is It & How Do We Practice It?

When I mentioned to my new doctor, who is originally from India, that I teach global leadership, she replied, “well that would be a good idea.”  The way she said it suggested that she thought there was a real need for it in the world.  I agree.  Not only are …

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